Poetry Shuttle 21

The Stars Spoke a Language We've Forgotten

December 28, 2018 Alessio Mauro Season 1 Episode 8
Poetry Shuttle 21
The Stars Spoke a Language We've Forgotten
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Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen and thank you for taking another astral plane ride to the other side on the one and only Poetry Shuttle 21.  Where the stars seem far and spirits dance to the song of glory in   the shadows of the moon in the light.

My names Alessio your Poetry Shuttle captain and host.

This poem is dedicated to our lost past and the forgotten souls who sacrificed themselves for our gift of life today. To the souls of all men and women who helped move mountains and build the wonders of our world. I salute you. 

So without further ado, it's time to kick this dream machine into multiverse warp speed.. So take off your blinds and read between the lines for a fulling, fun and fine time.  

 And lastly…. If you've taken poetry rides with me on past adventures then you know the drill…  Seat belts on and don’t forget your safety goggles.  

Poetry Engines on, checked and fully fueled.  Let's get ready in 3, 2, 1 Action….. 


12 thousand BC
The stars spoke a language we've forgotten 
buried by lost memories
Sacrificed to seas of an apocalyptic journey
Down from pyramids built across our galaxies 
Scattered throughout our ancient worldly realities
Far into the Petra mountains of the carved past
Manifested by the souls of time
Earth shakes and
Waters of the 7 seas collide
Sunk into an Atlantis of wonders and allusions 
for another generation to ponder 
how all was lost in time
Again we rewind only to fast forward back into the same state of mind
Past visions of tomorrows yesterday's forgotten
Destroyed by the gods that were remembered
While lost memories deteriorate in the sands 
of the souls 
and the stars in a Light that's in sight
A lost treasures of the unknown 
Artist leave their traces
Hoarded by the pasts soulless 
Stuck in between 2 times
Writers tell their hero's stories
In a language lost only to be remembered by the victors minds
By the wind, earths sentiments and star dust scattered through our galaxy
In the brief moment we see in this reality
Look within
Take a spin
Truth cannot be hidden
trust in yourself and empower your trainable vision

Poetic Adventure "12,000 BC""
Signing Off - Thank You