Poetry Shuttle 21

Dream Travelers Guide into Future Tomorrow's

November 17, 2018 Alessio Mauro Season 1 Episode 5
Poetry Shuttle 21
Dream Travelers Guide into Future Tomorrow's
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Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen and thank you for taking another astral plane ride to the other side on the one and only Poetry Shuttle 21.  Where the stars seem far and spirits dance to the song of glory in the shadows of the moon in the light. 

My names Alessio  your Poetry Shuttle captain and host.

In this episode we'll start our adventure together with a little Poetry shuttle trivia!   

What happens when you combine a desire to travel abroad with a crazy imagination and a few slices of peace, love and rock & roll?   You get our next pit stop called "Dream Travelers Guide into Future Tomorrow's". 
Team work makes the dream work so lets jump right in to the poetic world of endless possibilities.  So get ready to take off your blinds and read between the lines for a fulling, fun and fine time.   

And lastly…. If you've taken poetry rides with me on past adventures then you know the drill… Seat belts on and don’t forget your safety goggles.  So without further ado, it's time to kick this dream machine into multiverse warp speed..  

Poetry Engines on, checked and fully fueled   

Let's get ready in 1, 2, 3 action


A dusty suitcase 
Cornered, in a pile of procrastinating dreams 
Dust me off, and let's see what we got in future Me's
Multiplied into hibernating smiles, laughs and loving peace 
letting skies into cloudy dreams of a realities foreseen 
To be on dirt roads
Filled with real memories of nature's ecstasy
Peace….. love….. and harmony 
Dance on the music and ride the waves of endless times
Make a mark, swirl, close your eyes and be all that is you
All that is mine used to be afraid of mindless illusions scattered throughout time 
Triggered for nothing stopping the real world from turning the clocks of true time
Pack up lets hit the road into the skies blue
Over the oceans seas, underneath the glowing moon
Saturn's belt spins along with all its harmonic moons
Italia you are now there but soon to be here 
It's time for a ride into the future
Here I come into a world of ancient pasts
Built on manifested dreams 
In sync with one another worlds of real realities
Our connected souls, united together
In hand, again, synchronous-tic. 
To be....one with me
Let's create the unimaginable
Love always shines and builds the earths breathing memories
Love for our past, present & future earths and 
Shuffled locations of the stars, and endless galaxies

Welcome Aboard Intro
Poetic Adventure "Traveler's Guide"
Signing Off - Thank You