Poetry Shuttle 21

Connected to Past Present and Future Self

December 01, 2018 Alessio Mauro Season 1 Episode 7
Poetry Shuttle 21
Connected to Past Present and Future Self
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Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you for taking another astral plane ride to the other side on the one and only Poetry Shuttle 21.  Where the stars seem far and spirits dance to the song of glory in the shadows of the moon in the light.

 My names Alessio your Poetry Shuttle captain and host.

This poetry piece is dedicated to the meaningful connections we make throughout our life journey.  Whether with past, present or future self.   

Our understanding of how we connect to life and its meaning is so limited yet unlimited in our matrix world of endless possibilities.  Most of the time the answer we're seeking is right in our face and we don't even know it.  

I'm going to keep this intro short so let's go ahead and get started. 

And as always, seat belts on and don’t forget your safety goggles.   

Poetry Engines on, checked and fully fueled

Let's get ready in 3, 2, 1 Action…..  


There's a reason you were chosen 
to play chapters throughout my life 
or that life chose me to play chapters in yours
I may not remember all the reasons we're together,
 connected, in sync, at this very moment,
 in this very second
Or how we made it here
to where we are
how far we've come together
Destination earth…. 
On the same train from another plane of existence
Me right here, right now, in this very moment 
You right here, right now, in the same moment in a different space
As we have before, now and in the future of the endless
But I can tell you right now I couldn’t be happier 
Your smile and laugh get me through the days
Even when I think I can't take another breathe
All I do is think of you and I can breathe again
When I'm at my lowest is when you sing the highest
Alive and I am laughing
In between the lines of sanity's perception
And the love that always exists between and beyond human understanding
It will take a minute for the world to awake
But it will happen
Water always finds its way to life 
To existence, to health and harmony 

Welcome Aboard Intro
Poetic Adventure "Connected"
Signing Off - Thank You