Poetry Shuttle 21

Hello World... With Love From Me to You

November 24, 2018 Alessio Mauro Season 1 Episode 6
Poetry Shuttle 21
Hello World... With Love From Me to You
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Everyday is a "Sun" Day

Poetry Lyrics:

Hello World! 
And to all the Glorious Sunny Sun Days 
With love from me to you
On any given Sun day
I may not see your smile
But I know you are there
I may not see your voice or hear you calling my name
But I can feel you near 
Feel your warmth, Charm, Laughter & smile
liveliness to dream live and love
I know you're there
On Any day, on Every day 
on any given Sun day

Sunny days of my tomorrows smiles 
We lift our heroic memories to the top 
exceeding miles beyond our lifetimes 

Emotions, Interest, Love, and Glory within 
On any given Sun day
Thrilled to be, be with you 
Across the world, over the seas and oceans Blue
Our hearts Spread, on any given Sun Day
We Connect through Earths energy powered by the love within
Earths matrix smiles uniting us together
You hold the key to be free
On any given Sun day 

"I, I, I love you"

On any given Sun day
Is your fun day 
the Sun shines
On any given sun day
For you, you to see
We wake up in the glory of your existence 
Without you there's no me, 
and without me there's no you
But I'm always here
On any given Sun day 
Every day on any given Sun Day
My brothers and sisters from all over the world
I come to you with love.
Pass it forward,
Smile, because you matter
Forward dreams are catalogs of potential realities 

All it takes is you
Your energy
Your ambition 
And your smile 


Alright ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome back and thank you for taking another ride to the other side, we just have a few more hyper jumps through the astral planes and we're back within our known universe and into Earths matrix.  

Hope you enjoyed the ride on Poetry Shuttle 21!  Make sure to watch your step when exiting the shuttle and don’t forget to pick up a free glass of dreams and a sugar free lollipop at the door. ;)

If you're interested in hearing more crazy, unique and out of this world poetry tune in to my Podcast series available on all major podcast platforms, just search for Poetry Shuttle 21.

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