Poetry Shuttle 21

Unknown Destination

September 03, 2018 Alessio Mauro Season 1 Episode 4
Poetry Shuttle 21
Unknown Destination
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Poem: Unknown Destination

Windy walks on dirt roads
Holding hands 
With the oceans breeze
Sun Sings along
Trees dance 
To the ambiance of the stars 
And galaxies 
Sands of timeless yesterday's 
Run between my beating hearts toes
Laughing freely to the beat of old cassette tape decks 
That still
Clicks and ticks 
To the beats 
And tones of earths symbiotic vibrations 
Into the soul of existence 
Connected to the timeless within 
Uniting us together as one once again
Within you and me 
And the spirits of love, life
And eternal understanding
Making my heart dance
To earth
In loving spirits existence
Living between a human eye's shadow
Cloaking true treasures
Looking within and dream to be what you 
Were meant to be
A true treasure in the making
A diamond in the rough
Always perfect
with each imperfection
Simply misunderstood
A power to be found on a journey
Traveled by one to the infinite many

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