Poetry Shuttle 21

I'll Always Love You Forever

August 10, 2018 Alessio Mauro Season 1 Episode 2
Poetry Shuttle 21
I'll Always Love You Forever
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Well hello there traveler, welcome aboard and thank you for taking another trip down poetry lane with me and the crew on Poetry Shuttle 21.  

Are you ready for another crazy ride into the world of vivid dreams, memes and mystical themes?  Then you've come to the right place.  

In today's episode we'll jump into a secret magical rabbit hole where alchemists shop for innovation and dreams manifest themes that carry out real change to those who daze into its eyes of true future possibilities …. and the key is…. The one looking has faith and believes in what their third eye sees. 

On today's itinerary down the magical rabbit hole we'll be speaking to a tribe of spirits who live within our dreams and speak in a language only feelings can decipher.  

So take off your blinds and read between the lines for a fulling, fun and fine time.  and lastly…. If you've ridden with me on past adventures well you know the drill…

Seat belts on and don’t forget your safety goggles.  So without further ado, it's time to kick this dream machine into multiverse warp speed.. 

Plasma Engines on, checked and fully fueled.  Let's get started in 3, 2, 1 action

Poem: "Ill Always Love You Forever"

I'm talking to you
Though you can't hear my voice
I'll always love you forever
My presence is near you
You can feel it within your void
You don’t understand me
but that is by choice
Listen with your mind not with one's voice
Feeling the pain from the starving children
I think I know your mission
Your sent vision
Your sacrifice for lessons
Listen, listen
I'll always love you
Listen, listen
Students playgrounds, students painful lessons
Has its position
to show loves mission
Inner thoughts give you intervention
Power for reason
truth and glory within
All I do is
Listen, listen
Why, why, why the tragic pain
that can be avoided
The tragic fears exploited
for what
Another dollar to pay your
Your old grandfathers funeral
When he's half way up
And finally realizes
it's too late,
Gates closed, back down you go
Learn, learn, learn
Free your fears
Free your soul
It’s the goal
To be
See, see
Into unknown territory
Again like the stars and the trees
that live for centuries in a state of bliss
and gifts for all to love
Share and care
Time, its just an illusion
when the darkness goes to sleep
fused into a Matrix of thought
and quick teachings of good
it's not the conclusion
Just a level within multiple illusions
To a mission that’s hidden
But you are the star
On screen full of stars
They're all watching
Can you see them?
Sphinx  laughing
when the pyramids dance
And prance to its meaning
Just a sign for us
Forgotten what it means 
But it's okay
Some of us still see
And the flames reach their highest peak
It’s the love within us
Don’t forget
Its within us all
Just connect
And you will see
tolerance is to discover
Because you are my sister and brother
The stars are brighter
Feel the energy flowing harder
There is a better tomorrow
But time will not borrow
I am glowing
Glow with me
Let's set each other free
Forever, forever, forever


Special thanks to Katarina Rose and Roses1401 for their vocal contributions :) 

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