Poetry Shuttle 21


October 30, 2020 Alessio Mauro Season 2 Episode 3
Poetry Shuttle 21
Show Notes

To many ideas…
I can see you
The truth of the world is you
Truth cannot hide here
I am you
and you are me
As we are created from the same place you see
Connected to the same energy
No judgment 
for judgment does not exist 
To judge me would be to judge you
As we are one
The soul of the world
I'm not afraid of what I do not know, because only truth exists here
I am not blinded by the illusions of man
Fear here has no host,
no presence ,
no energy
Only the archetype of love, passion and tolerance conquer all
Darkness cannot escape light
Light is life
Light is energy
Light is your soul
Light is your being
Light is you
Light is the soul of the world

to many ideas…

Special thanks to Katarina Rose  for her vocal contribution