Poetry Shuttle 21

Zodiac Markers Shift

October 13, 2020 Alessio Mauro Season 2 Episode 2
Poetry Shuttle 21
Zodiac Markers Shift
Show Notes

Power, power 
within I'm calling
Zodiac markers 
shifting, stalling
Marking tides 
his story mourning  
written hands 
Connects our journeys
Calling short 
Calling strong
Pyramids stood against all odds
when all was falling
earths Angel's calling
last stand repeated
An oil light burning

Multi-versed into several stories
lost in time 
your journey
falling language 
forgotten, turning
sands of time 
still crawling forward
Time now caught
In capsuled story
Only captured  steady glory   
The morning Sun flips chapters time
While the night sleeps in 
Dreaming of the mornings Sun 

Additional Credits:  Flute by Katarina Rose