Poetry Shuttle 21

Star Children Unite

September 05, 2020 Alessio Mauro Season 2 Episode 1
Poetry Shuttle 21
Star Children Unite
Show Notes

Father, I am sorry for not checking in,  my eyes have been blindly absorbing, the pain of the earth, and all the mindless sin

Father, for I am sorry to  report 
your children are crying and dying
shedding blood in your name, 
angels need to awake     
and rise towards this 
weeping stars heart again

Father, I'm here to report with tears in my eyes 
the avoidable misery of millions 
brought on by the greed of the reckless, the heartless, the machine mind 
built by machine  kinds. 
The machine of the mechanism design, 
the machines of men, men with lost hearts, 
lost souls,
lost minds, 
men filled with greed,
treachery, violence that’s left their souls hollow and dry, 
undead in the shadows of the light

Father, I plead for your mercy, 
I plead for all to see the light, 
Star children unite, 
shed light, fight for all that is right, 

You laid the signs in front of my eyes
As I gazed past the obvious lies 
Star children hear my cry, hear the outlandish lies
Use my ears and eyes,  I serve you to enlight and fight for what's right
Start children unite   
be the voice of the voiceless, 
Fight for social justice
Equal rights, 
equal pay, equal opportunity

Regardless of sex, creed or the color of your skin
Shine light on the dark hearts, dark souls. Light the 4 corners of the   earth, 
where complex ciphers designed to break honest hard working peoples dreams and minds from ever coming alive, 
Enlighten and dispel the hate
Educate, love, laugh and participate  
As we stand together  to abolish an oppressive systematic state
Of the mechanism minded men, the heartless, the treacherous, the greed centered machines made of machined minds built by machined kinds of the mechanism design

Star children this message is for you
Do what's right, 
The earth cries
And needs your mending touch, 
Your mending heart
To survive

Additional Credits:  Female Vocals - Katarina Rose